Pricing Options

We offer flexibility in pricing options to choose from to more closely represent the mode of project execution. We offer different tiers of pricing based on the skill level of the required task for a project. Contact us now for a free quote.

Fixed Cost

Suitable when the scope, schedules and requirements of a project are specifically defined and unlikely to change.
  • Controlled timeline and cost
  • Fixed Scope
  • Specific plan and payment schedule in place before project launch

Time & Material

Suitable for projects where flexibility is required and scope and specifications are likely to change as a project evolves.
  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Scope can change as needed
  • Hourl Billing

Long-Term Contract

Suitable for extending in-house teams or working on projects that regularly evolve in response to customer requirements.
  • Lower cost
  • Maximum agility to adapt to task requirements
  • Specific dedicated resources planned in advance